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263 W. Olive Ave. #48

Burbank, CA 91502

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TEL: (818) 732-0633

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“I like animals because they make me laugh. The animals are funny because they jump off of the table and hit their self (sic) on the head. They have affected my life by making me happy. Some times when I’m sad, I don’t want to see anyone … [but] when I see them, they make me happy … When I leave the house they’re always standing in the door waiting for me until I come back…”


Age 9

The Peacock Foundation desires to help in any way possible; from providing staff support to crisis intervention for our program families. Lisa Peacock and her team are always willing and able to work alongside us. Lisa provides insight to our staff that is crucial to fulfilling our mission statement as an organization. Her dedication and availability show her commitment to her work and her heart for the kids and staff at Central City Community Outreach. The Peacock Foundation comes to us at least once a week and the students look forward to that time greatly. The kids not only get the treat of learning about a new animal but also learn life skills and coping mechanisms that will hopefully carry through to their teen and adult life. It has been a huge help having The Peacock Foundation as a resource and as a partner to this organization.

Lisa Kazarian

Program Director- Central City Community Outreach

I just want to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tracy and Lia! The kids have had a wonderful experience with the animals and I think it will be a time that they will never forget!
Thank you so much for providing a wonderful, quality program…….you are all awesome!

Lori Howe

Door Of Hope, Glendale

Wow! In the midst of their grief they were able to connect to another living thing and create closure and meaning.  This is why we do what we do.

Grateful client

Central City Community Outreach

Thank you for all of your service, for giving all of your heart to support and protect children and those who serve them and thank you to all of the board members who serve the foundation.  I believe wholeheartedly in what you have and continue to achieve in the lives of those who need it most.

You have personally mentored students and staff through some of the toughest times, unimaginable circumstances, and painful realities that we have faced. You have comforted each of the staff as we dealt with separation, loss, emotional and physical exhaustion from seeing child after child bring us love and light and then move on to tackle the hardships that children should not face. You have cried with us and held our hand. I personally cried on your shoulder after a funeral for one of my teens that became a victim of gang violence at age 16. 


I will personally say as I reflect on my 7 years serving homeless and at-risk youth in skid row, on days when I could not take another step forward the foundation carried me.

Sophia Cabido

Central City Community Outreach

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